Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dior's Black Sequins nail color

 A perfect mixture of black and silver.  A perfect romantic starry sky captured in a bottle.

Limited edition, left me search ebay for the lucky few who grabbed these bottles of luxury.  I watch and starred at several auctions but could not bring myself to spending $30 + for a bottle of nail polish.  In no way do I skimp on the price of beauty, but people charging almost double, I'll pass.  

Today I did a little shopping at Beauty First with my mom.  In the back by the salon what did I find???  A dupe of Black Sequins!!!!!

OPI'S Holiday "TOYLAND" collection

My new love in nail color, Baby it's "COAL" outside!

Yes the bottle is not as beautiful, but it is an amazing color and a fraction of the cost.
  Dior- $19 if you can find it in stock at Sephora
OPI-$5.49 on